Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Gathering for the Kansas Crazy Woolies

The Kansas Crazy Woolies met for the first time Sunday afternoon .  I was so impressed on how much they got done without going crazy!
Dewees and Liza reading the book to make sure what they are doing.....simple???

Becky.............think I got it!

"Is this what I want to do" says Fern

Sharon, looks like you have a great start.

Carol, you go girl! Take note of the T-shirt!

Nancy and Sharon are still picking out wool???

I think Ashley is calling Pam for help!!!

Pam finally got there and guess what.....she knows what she is doing.

I'm done with the first step.....Dewees 

Lookin' good ,Linda

Oh, Liza, what a good start.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HERE WE GO!! Kansas VS Missouri in" Wool Crazy" by JoAnn Mullaly

We're off to a start.  I have had this web site tucked away for a while just knowing I would use it sometime.
Now's the time!

It is a really cool site  Mary Corbet's  'Needle 'N Thread.

She has a  video of library of stitches that will be helpful to you all.