Friday, July 2, 2010

Common Threads Quilt Show....Wichita, KS

Thought I would share with you some of the pictures of our booth at the quilt show, June 25 - 27th.  We did take a lot of pictures so will add new ones the next few days. 
We arrived and found our booth 'very white'.  Since Cricket Street Wool doesn't do well with white, we had a job ahead of us.

Now the work 100 degree weather and no air-conditioning.

Karin is doing such a good job sorting that wool!

Dewees, don't let Liza fall!

Somebody hand Karin a pin, it's hot in here.

After 7 hours, we are all finished.

Will have more pictures in the next few days.
Til then,


  1. No air conditioning? Wow, you guys are troopers! It looks like you took half your house with you! The booth looks incredible....can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. I think the better portion of Carolyn's shop went with us. She always puts together a spectacular booth! It sure was a lot of work but, what fun we had!

  3. Thanks for showing us the project from the beginning to the outstanding finsih. I know all the work that has gone into getting there. It all shows. Time for a little rest.

  4. ahhhh, you were the gals behind my booth and having so much fun. I kept hearing giggling from you all and got such joy just listening to you all. Thank you for bringing a bright and bubbly spirit to the show. =)