Friday, April 16, 2010

Missouri Crazy Quilters April 15, 2010

The Missouri Crazy Quilters had their first meeting yesterday on April 15.
  Fun, Fun, Fun!
Lots of ideas and exchanges of stitches were buzzin' around the room.

Betty is heading up the group in Missouri.  She was lucky enough to win the book from a site on the web and the lady also sent a wool pineapple with the book.  She is going to add it to her block. If you look close, you can see the starting of it near the bottom.

Jan and Diane travel from Warsaw, MIssouri to attend the gathering in Ozark, Missouri.
They came up with  a really neat idea...........instead of basting, Jan needle felted the wool pieces down to the backing and batting.  Somehow, I failed to get a picture of Minnie, Diane's Mom.  She also came with them.

Marilyn and Paula worked really hard refreshing their minds on all the stitches.  They had their books handy plus lots of advice from all the gals.

Lynne and Sherry are just too busy to even look up!

Couldn't believe that Kathy was just starting.  She was ironing her backing and before we knew it, she produced a block!!!  Betty is helping her. 

Can you believe Karin has her oval block planned. 
 (Looks like a lot of work to me.)


Suzanne is doing an oval which will be very interesting.  Helen always has great things to show and tell.

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