Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday, April 17, Hook-in at the Springfield Lake Boathouse in Missouri

I have just a few pictures of the hook-in at the Boathouse in Springfield, Missouri on Saturday, April 17.  I vended and failed to get any pictures of the rugs that were outside on the deck. A big thanks to Paula who helped me out by taking some pictures for me.
The meeting room before the crowd.

After everyone arrived.

Lots of shopping going on.

This is just one counter of the food that all the gals brought to share.

This is Renee and Tammy.  Renee organized the meeting this year.  Tammy has gone into semi-retirement.
We all would like to thank Renee and Joan for the great job and all the fun we had that day.


  1. So glad to have found your new blog. Can never have access to too much wooly goodness!

  2. Glad to have you stopping by to share in all the fun.

  3. Semi-retirement......I like that :)

  4. I've been able to get away with it for 15 years now so thought you might as well put a name on it. Everyone misses all your hard work on planning great wooly events! We do appreciate that Renee is stepping up to the need.