Friday, April 23, 2010

Views from Missouri

We have been here for a couple weeks now and almost time to travel back to Kansas for a spell.  We don't let the moss grow under our feet!  Guess we will probably be back and forth until we can't do it anymore.  We have such great friends in both in two states just suits us fine.

This is where we live in Missouri.  It was so beautiful when we drove up..............all the dogwood, redbud, eveything that blooms this time of year, was in its full glory.

The young dogwood that is at the base of our driveway.

Beautiful colors!

This is the dock where we keep our lake toys.  We had a couple beautiful days that we were able to take a boat ride on Tablerock Lake.

The water is so clean the wake from the boat is really white.

Shoreline on our cove.

We always have some hungry friends  that show up in the middle of the cove.  They get so close you could feed them by hand (if you're that brave).

Lastly, the view of our cove from the end of the dock.
Sunday, we will be leaving for Kansas and will meet with the Kansas Crazy Woolies soon.  Hope to have lots of pictures of their progress on their blocks.
Bye for now.

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  1. one of the nice place i had been seen in earth:):):P