Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Gathering April 11,2010

We had our monthly Gathering on Sunday and how much fun!  We are at every stage now, some are ready to start their blocks, some are working on the motifs and some gals are finished. (Needless to say, have started another one). There was a lot of exchanges in "How did ya do that stitch?"  Anyway, lots to admire as you will see in the pictures that follow.

Becky's birdhouse is so stunning.  It is so good looking on that dark background.

Ashley, you surprised all of're block is finished. 
(by the way, she said to tell you she's single)

Betsy is ready to start on her block.  Would you believe that she drives 2 1/2 hours to be at the Gathering?

Gaila was ambitious and has three block ready to go.  She has started on the appliques and said she is going to use motifs that are personal and meaningful to her and her family.  Such as the stocking below.

Liza is close to finishing her first block.  Her colors are great!

Don't you just love her little bird?

Sharon is all ready to go!

I decided to frame mine.

My husband and I have just arrived in Missouri today and I will meet with the "Crazy Quilters of Missouri" on Thursday.  Will be posting their progress so watch for it.
Bye for now.


  1. I love your blog. Kansas, you're doing a wonderful job.....but Missouri is comin' on strong.

  2. Liza, Your colors are wonderful. My daughter loves Victorian. She would love your block.

  3. Ashley, Do I have a MAN for you! He is straight out of the Ozarks and he is as crazy as the quilt. Oh, his name is Larry.

  4. Betty, Thank you so much! I'm thinking everyone will agree, this has been such a fun project. It has been wonderful to see so many different techniques, colors, and personalities come through. I've truly learned a lot this go around!